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Proficiency in the German language is pre-requisite for education and employment in Germany. We offer admission counseling for German universities and language coaching for all levels of exams (A1 to C1). Our aim is to prepare you for these exams and train you to communicate effectively in German. Our program includes special emphasis on speaking skills through various group activities and games. The course structure ensures interactive learning using presentations and educational videos, beneficial for students from all streams.

Expert admission counseling

University Selection

Unlike other countries German universities offer specialized courses under every engineering field of study. This calls for elaborate research and expert counseling. Based on your academic profile, course preference and work experience ( if any ) we help you select the right universities

Letter of Motivation and Recommendation Letters Guidance

The Letter of Motivation is the most crucial document during the application process. In this document, you have to explain what motivated you to apply for the program and opt for that particular university. Personal sessions with our counsellors will help you make a strong and convincing presentation of your skills.

University Application Assistance

It is important to send only the required and correct documents within the stipulated time. Failing to send them may lead to rejection from the university. We assist you in the preparation of your application packets and help ensure that you send the right documents to the university.

Visa Counselling

We conduct workshops to guide you through the visa process and documentation. We also check the documents for correctness through personal sessions with the counsellors.

Pre-Departure Orientation

We conduct an informative seminar on international air travel, foreign exchange, and practical details such as medical and food supplies to be taken, housing arrangements, insurance.

Apply to the right colleges. Find the right course

German universities offer specialized courses under various subjects. Therefore, program and university selection is very crucial. All German universities are accredited, but they do not have ranks. Therefore, you should be sure you apply to the right university and the right program based on your academic profile.

Who Should Learn German

Those who want to learn a new language obviously qualify. Besides, if you are a homemaker or a working professional, a college student or a fresh graduate who wants to learn a foreign language, learn German from experienced and qualified teachers at Dilip Oak’s Academy.

If you aspire to pursue higher education in Germany, you can definitely benefit from knowing the German language, as it will help you get around and carry out your daily tasks smoothly. Besides, some universities may require future students to be certified up to a particular proficiency level in German before they are granted admission.

Globalisation has given rise to a growing demand for top-quality translators. Intercultural exchanges and companies setting up bases abroad have only fuelled this need further as the latter need to translate tons of existing books/documents. Therefore, if such a career excites you and you wish to take up a job after you graduate, then you should learn German.

Being a widely spoken and understood language, it is a huge plus to know it well enough to communicate with German-speaking tourists. This is particularly relevant if you are in the hospitality industry or if your job involves interaction with business delegations from German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.

Why is German Coaching Necessary

German being the native language of Germany, it is crucial that you learn the language before joining university. Learning German will prove useful to ask for travel directions, communicate with your professors and other students, to buy grocery and undertake any other day-to-day activities. Being able to speak German will give you an edge over others while applying for a job during and after your education in Germany. Some universities may even ask you to complete the master's thesis in German.


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