• Over the past two decades, we have helped more than 30,000 students to secure admission in various American Universities.
  • In Fall (August) 2019 semester, 1,000 of our students secured admission to various universities
  • Helped students secure admission in the top 30 universities like Stanford University, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Purdue University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Georgia Tech, Penn State University and University of Wisconsin, Madison

From the Director's Desk

From the Director's Desk

America offers the best education system in the world today. Around 500,000 students from various countries pursue the education in hundreds of American colleges and universities, gaining doctoral, masters and undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields including engineering, computer science, medicine, business management, biological sciences, physics, mathematics, economics, psychology, and humanities.

Only two things stand between the student and the dream of an education in America: standardized tests such as the GRE®, GMAT®, SAT® and TOEFL® and the complex year-long admission process. Our aim is, therefore, to help students clear these two hurdles and make higher education in America possible for even middle-class and lower-middle-class students.

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