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The Trump Effect

One cannot work in America after getting a master's degree?

After getting a master’s degree a student is permitted to work in America for a period of one year, which is extendable to three years, if he is from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) category. A work permit (H1B visa) is not required for such students.

Getting an H1B visa has become more difficult after the election of Donald Trump

Not at all. Students with an American degree can avail of a special quota, of 20,000 H1B visas. In addition to this quota they can also apply for the general quota comprising 65,000 H1B visas.

The new immigration policy is being formulated, probably before 31st March 2018, in which students with American degrees will be given priority for H1B visas.

President Trump intends to restrict the H1B visa to Indians.

There is no restrictions specific to India.

President Trump passed an executive order aimed at giving more weight to higher skilled and higher paid workers.

Students getting MS/Ph.D. degrees from US universities will not be impacted as they are offered jobs directly by US companies at high salaries.

The restrictions will affect the issuance of visas to Indian outsourcing companies, which file multiple applications, utilizing a majority of the H1B quota and pay lesser salaries compared to US employers.

There is a lack of job opportunities in America at present.

Students getting degrees from good universities still manage to find jobs within a few months of graduating. Currently, America has the lowest unemployment rate which has dipped to an unprecedented 4.6 percent.

Students of Dilip Oak’s Academy invariably join only accredited and well-known universities. Most of them find jobs in the US quite easily.

Does the H1B visa allow a person to pursue creative activity outside their job for example, an engineer who likes to work on his hobby & earn money that way?

H1B visa is company specific. Any person is not allowed to earn from other sources.

What if I miss the chance of H1B Visa?

If you are from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) category you can apply for visa thrice, since the OPT period for STEM students is for three years. Non STEM students can apply only once. If their application is not approved in the lottery they have to come back to their home country.

If a close relative of mine is working in the US on H1B visa, does that hinder my chances on the visa?

No. It will not affect your chances.

Are there any updates on the salary cap of $1,30,000/- for H1B visa?

There is no such rule neither it is likely to be announced in the near future till the US Government finalize new immigration policies.

The GRE Test

When is the right time to appear for the GRE, during bachelor's or after graduation? How long is the score valid?

Ideally, the GRE test should be taken during the third year. If not possible at least in the first semester of the final year so that the students can join US university immediately after completing his graduation. The GRE test score is valid for 5 years.

I am completing BE in 2019.When should I start preparing for the GRE and MS admission?

You can join our GRE coaching anytime between July 2017 to July 2018. The admission procedure will follow there onwards.

How many times can I appear for the GRE test?

You can take the GRE multiple times. You have to option to report only the best score to the universities.

When should I give GRE? Is it okay if I give it in the month of September? What is the deadline if I want to go for Fall 2018?

Ideally, you should take the GRE up to December 2017 or latest by January 2018.

I am in the final year and planning to go for higher studies in America. Should I concentrate more on my engineering or prepare for BE and the GRE test simultaneously

We recommend students to take the GRE test during the third year of engineering. This enables them to prepare well for the GRE test and also concentrate on their academics.

When do we need to register for next weekend batch for working professionals?

Admissions for the current (July 2017) batch are still open. You can make up for the lost lectures in the next batch starting in October 2017.

Do you provide online training for the GRE test?

We will launch online training for the GRE test in the near future.

Admission Requirements

To what extent does a backlog affect the dream of higher education?

Students with backlogs can also get admission but in a relatively lower ranked university.

How important is work experience while applying for masters

Relevant work experience at least for one year is strongly recommended. It will help to get better university and a good job after MS.

Savitribai Phule Pune University has SGPA/CGPA marking system instead of percentage for engineering batches after 2015. How do the US universities calculate marks for such students?

Conversion of marks is not required. You can report SGPA/CGPA to the US universities which are acceptable to them.

Can I apply for MBA in the US on the basis of my GRE score? Is work experience in a start-up considered for MS/MBA programs ?

Majority US universities accept the GRE score for admission to MBA course. Work experience in start-ups can be considered.

Will research publication help me in getting a scholarship from US university?

Yes, research publication will help to some extent provided it is in a magazine of an international reputation.

Can students with 15 years of education apply for MS in America? Do universities accept only 16 years of education? I have completed BCA in India which is 15 years course.

16 years (12+4) of formal education is mandatory. Students completing a three-year degree course should complete masters in India and then apply.

Can BE(Information Technology) student get admission to MS(Computer Science)?


How many universities should I apply for based depending on GPA & GRE score?

Generally, we recommend our students to apply to 8 universities.

German Universities Admission Requirements

When should I Learn German language? Should I join German language class in the first year of engineering?

Ideally, you should join German language coaching in the first year so that you can complete A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels till you complete your bachelor’s degree. This will enable you to have a good command over the German language and you can apply for the masters course in full German language which do not charge tuition fees.

Is GATE acceptable by German Universities for admission?

Some universities in Germany do accept the GATE score.

General Queries

Is it difficult to get an education loan if both the parents are retired? Can a senior citizen sponsor?

Yes, retired parents can get the loan if they have property to mortgage.

If I wish to apply for image processing or artificial intelligence ,Should I apply MS or Ph.D.

Unless your academics and GRE score is excellent you cannot apply for Ph.D.

Are there any opportunities for the students interested in seeking degree other than a science stream?

You can apply for MS in all fields (technical, humanities, arts, management, etc.)

What are the available options after completing B.Pharm degree?

You can apply for MS in pharmacology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharma administration and biotechnology.

Which country has better employment chances after MS?USA or Germany?

Employment opportunities in the US and Germany are the same.

Are there campus recruitments in the US while a student is completing MS at US university?

Yes, most of the US universities have job fairs generally twice in a year where many companies recruit students.

Do you counsel for core biology subjects? Such as MS or Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology ,genetic engineering or biochemistry.


When should I enroll for admission counseling if I want to apply for fall(August)2018 semester?

You should join our admission counseling any time after July 2017 but before December 2017.

What is the scope for mechanical engineering after MS as compared to information technology?

Students from all engineering fields can get decent jobs. Of course, it is relatively easier to get a job in the I.T. field.

I wish to pursue MS in computer science. I have a work experience of five years.Is work experience an added advantage? Also is there an age limit to apply for MS in the US?

Gaining work experience is definitely an added advantage. There is no age limit to take the GRE or to apply for a master's course in USA or Germany.

Can a student with a bachelor's degree in E&TC apply for MS in computer science?

Students from any engineering stream can apply for computer science. But they will have to take pre-requisite courses which will extend their course by one semester. Similarly, higher ranked universities prefer students with bachelor’s degree in computers.

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